New Babies born May 29!!

Standard Labradoodle Puppies

These Labradoodle puppies were born May 29, 2018

"Ninja" Standard Labradoodles


  • Two Black puppies with a little white on chest- one boy & one girl
  • One female Chocolate
  • Two dark grey puppies- one female and one male
  • Two small Light Brown puppies - one female & one  male
  • Four Parti puppies 

Is this a Labradoodle puppy? - Indeed it is!

  • This is a Labradoodle Chocolate male  has hair around his nose that is getting lighter.

Closeup on the Labradoodles puppy's face

  • The Labradoodle puppy will continue to change color. 
  • Colors are hard to predict and a great surprise to watch. 
  • What color will this Labradoodle puppy be?   


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