Male Labradoodle Puppies from 2017 - None Available

Mr. Bill - Male Labradoodle (Sold)

Mr. Bill is vocal where he does not like something - "OS!" A sweet Labradoodle puppy who loves his belly rub. His coat is Black with graying around nose and eyes. He has a cute white toe on his front paw.

Labradoodles are the Best. Sweet natured, loving and smart! (Sold)

Labradoodles' hair can be straight, wavy or curly. One of their best attributes are that they are usually non-shedding.

Doc - Male Labradoodle (Sold)

Doc can be found in the middle of the Labradoodle pack having fun.  He is black with white on his chin and chest. His hair is Curly! This feller is an explorer! 

Six weeks old

Mr. Bill at 6 weeks (Sold)

Doc at 6 weeks (Sold)

Nine weeks

Mr. Bill

Nine Weeks old


They like Cats!!


Nine Weeks old


More Labradoodle boys

The Professor - Male Labradoodle (Sold)

A Chocolate Male with greenish brown  eyes. He is going to be gorgeous! He is getting lighter around his eyes and nose. Could this be a cream baby when it is said and done?

Born May 4, 2017

Labradoodle Ninja puppies get to venture outside to explore the world.  With 2.5 acres there is plenty to see.

Maximus - Male Labradoodle (Sold)

This is our mighty Maximus. The smallest of the litter but goes to the extra effort to keep up with the big guys. Black with graying around the eyes and nose and a white streak on chest.

6 Weeks

The Professor at 6 weeks (Sold)

What's that?

Maximus at 6 weeks (Sold)

9 Weeks

Professor/Vin Diesel/Liaum

9 Weeks Old


Checking out the water!!

Maximus - Peanut!

9 Weeks Old